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What Happens At A Promotion Ceremony?

By December 12, 2013August 15th, 2023No Comments
Action Karate Plymouth recently hosted a promotion ceremony for students.

A recent promotion ceremony at Action Karate Plymouth.

Promotion Ceremonies at Action Karate Plymouth are the culmination of 13 weeks of training.

Students learn new material for a three week period and test for a stripe on their belt on the fourth week.

This repeats for three months for each belt, and on the 13th week of each quarter, Action Karate Plymouth tests for the next belt.

The promotion night is a celebration/mini show for all of the children who pass to receive their belts and move up together.

First, we review the primary basic training skills and benefits, then we have the Demonstration Team perform to give parents and students a glimpse of what they will be learning as their training continues.


Students then line up and demonstrate a good portion of material covered that quarter. The session lasts just long enough that each individual student can have their turn in the spotlight so they can shine and also build public speaking confidence.

Belt Ceremony

Belts are then laid out by instructors. Students are asked to close their eyes and reflect on their progress this period and then all the all the way back to the beginning of their training.

Instructors ask students and parents to think about the top three things they’re most proud of overcoming or achieving during this period. We want the students and parents to mentally and emotionally connect with what they’ve accomplished.

As students get set for their new belt, we ask them to rub some sweat into it to remind them how hard they worked for it. We also ask them to touch their forehead to their new belt and close their eyes to symbolically transfer knowledge – all newfound physical skills and all personal accomplishments into their new belt.


Before we finish, we ask students about the two things we must do after we achieve a goal:Then before we finish we ask them what are the 2 things we must do after we achieve a huge goal?!

  1. CELEBRATE! Find some special way to commemorate this awesome achievement. Go to a favorite restaurant, get a new video game…call your grandparents, favorite aunt & uncle, take your belt in for show and tell… make sure everyone knows about your great achievement. Students should be very proud.
  2. Set A New Goal! Look up at the belt racks (at Action Karate Plymouth) and figure out what the next belt/stripe goal will be. Always keep the end in mind – the top of the rack – the ultimate goal – Black Belt!

We hope you can be a part of a future promotion ceremony! Learn more about our martial arts classes for all ages!