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Cutting Edge Education – Reverse Classroom

By February 20, 2014August 14th, 2023No Comments

A recent karate class at Action Karate PlymouthDid you know that Action Karate Plymouth utilizes some of the newest education techniques around?

In the reverse classroom concept used in cutting-edge schools around the country, students first study specific topics by themselves, typically using video lessons prepared by the teacher or third parties such as ConquerMaths or Khan Academy.

In class, students apply the knowledge by solving problems and doing practical work. The teacher tutors the students when they become stuck rather than imparting the initial lesson in person.

Reverse classrooms free class time for hands-on work. Students learn by doing and asking questions. Students can also help each other, a process that benefits both advanced and less advanced learners.

From a recent New York Times article on the topic: Flipping the traditional classroom also changes the allocation of teacher time. Traditionally, the teacher engages with students who ask questions — but those who don’t ask tend to need the most attention. “We refer to ‘silent failers,’ ” said one teacher, claiming that flipping allows her to target those who need the most help rather than the most confident. Flipping changes teachers from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side,” allowing them to work with individuals or groups of students throughout the session.

After being introduced to the concept during Salman Kahn’s TED talk, we were IMMEDIATELY inspired to find a way to integrate this concept into our karate school environment! Soon after, Action Karate Online was born!

If our students can get a jump start on the material each week by working with the curriculum video resources at and show up to their first class already having been introduced to the week’s concepts & techniques, this allows MUCH more time for hands-on learning & an accelerated rate of advancement through all of the physical and mental curriculum in our martial arts program!

Our goal is to create the highest quality martial arts students in the world. We will not hesitate to employ and resource or implement any cutting-edge idea to achieve that end.

What do you think about the reverse classroom technique? Have you seen it implemented in other places?