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Board Breaking Makes Life-Long Memories

By March 21, 2014August 15th, 2023No Comments

Board Breaking at Action Karate PlymouthEach year, Action Karate Plymouth hosts a Board Breaking event and 2014 was as popular as ever!

Over 50 students/buddies and 20 Adults/Jr. Black Belts broke hundreds of boards and helped make tons of life-long memories!

Two breaking stations were set up and parents & grandparents were invited onto the mat to take pictures and video.

On everyone’s first board, we put the date for keepsake purposes and on the other side we wrote the child’s greatest fear – then they break through the side with their greatest fear.

Adults were offered the opportunity to break boards or concrete blocks – several of us broke blocks! Wow!

We can’t wait for our Board Breaking event next year – and if you’re not enrolled, now is a great time to get started! Get more information and register today!