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Autism & Martial Arts Go Hand In Hand

By April 10, 2014April 22nd, 2014No Comments

Shark logo for Action Karate Plymouth MeetingWhen we look at the brain in terms of being broken up into sets of local phone lines (individual skill compartments) and long distance phone lines (connective tissue circuits linking individual compartments into a whole), this helps us understand Autism.

Autism is a brain structure characteristic where one or more of the local phone line compartments are super- or hyper-developed. The drawback is that this usually is balanced by much less development in the long distance phone lines, or connective circuitry.

It is important to understand the purpose of the phone lines:

  • If one has hyper-developed local phone lines, they show great skills in specific academic areas. Learning mathematics and science may come with relative ease.
  • If one has naturally hyper-developed long distance connective circuitry, then athleticism, physical coordination, and social ability come with relative ease.

Autism, or for that matter all brain development structures, can be viewed as lying on a spectrum. We all fall somewhere on the brain development or brain structure architecture bell curve.

The stereotypical 1950’s “dumb jock” has naturally developed long distance phone lines. Athleticism & social ability are natural; while academic pursuits take much work and discipline to master.

The stereotypical 1950’s “nerd with glasses and pocket protector” has an incredibly easy time with academics while socialization and athleticism take work and time to develop.

Autism is, to over-simplify, a more severe case of 1950’s “nerd” brain architecture. The local phone lines/compartments are hyper-hyper-developed with the balance being what can at first seem like a near-troubling social/athletic skill set.

As we have come to learn, in all cases, at all points on the spectrum, any/all sets of phone lines will be developed over time with a bit of hard work and dedication.

For the Autistic child, nothing in the world is as effective as 3-5 years in a good martial arts program!

Martial Arts offers highly complex and varied sets of physical forms and movements that “rewire” and create all the long distance connective brain tissue circuitry ANYONE could ever wish to have.

These benefits have been seen and experienced by millions of children and adults for decades. Martial Arts training helps everyone in these areas.

For the Autistic child, it is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered … quite literally.

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