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Do You ‘Prime The Pump’ For Success?

By May 19, 2014No Comments

Two friends were on a road trip through the southern United States. They were driving along a long, nearly deserted road in Louisiana when they both became really thirsty. They had not passed a rest stop in some time, and saw no signs for one on the road ahead.

Water PumpThey saw an old farmhouse up ahead and decided to stop and see if they could get something to drink. They knocked on the door, but no one answered. They were about to get back in the car when one friend pointed out an old water pump on the side of the house. They decided to try it, but no matter how much they pumped, no water came out.

Prime The Pump

The other friend then recalled that you needed to prime the pump, or put water into the pump, before you could get any water out. They took the bucket from the pump and walked to a nearby stream. After pouring a bucket of the stream water into the pump, the tried again. This time, they were successful and were able to draw water from the pump.

We can’t expect something for nothing. If you want something good, you usually have to put in a lot of hard work, commitment, and time. The two friends couldn’t just get a free drink for nothing; they had to prime the pump. They had to put something in to get something out.

Your Goals

When people have health or fitness goals, they tend to want results with as little work as possible. It’s the reason there are so many “miracle” drugs, diet pills, rapid weight loss diets and cleanses, and other products that promise fast results.

The problem is, usually the easier something is, the shorter lived the results. Health and fitness are important. They should be a priority in your life. That being said, they don’t always come naturally. Being healthy can be hard work, especially in today’s world of instant gratification, highly processed convenience foods, and sedentary lifestyles.

You have to earn your health and fitness. You have to prime the pump, putting in the hard work that’s needed to get great results. You can go to the gym everyday, but if “going to the gym” for you means standing next to the treadmill talking to your friends, you might as well not go to the gym at all. You have to push yourself. You have to do more than you think you can.

The same goes for healthy eating. We always try to make excuses for ourselves. “Oh, I worked out today, so I can cheat a little,” or “Everything in moderation.” Cheating a little and moderation are fine if you are a highly discipline person who can once in a while have that favorite snack without going completely off the rails. For most of us, however, it’s better to go all in and cut out the bad stuff. Yes, it’s hard! But it’s not impossible, and it’s absolutely necessary if you want to reach your health and fitness goals.

How can you prime the pump for your goals? What do you need to put in to achieve the desired outcome? What do you have to do to take steps towards achieving your goals, and how can you reshape your mindset to prime the pump for success? Let us know in the comments below!