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Action Karate Tournament: Confidence Over Competition

By October 16, 2014August 15th, 2023No Comments
Fun At The Action Karate Plymouth Fall Tournament

Fun at the tournament!

Last weekend was the autumn Action Karate Tournament and we were so happy to see so many participants! The mission of the Action Karate autumn and spring annual tournaments is to build confidence in children and adults.

The goal of the tournament is not to win the largest trophy; it is to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment, while driving one another to improve our skills through increased preparation for bi-annual competitions.

The number one fear on earth is public performance. The second is death. This means most people would rather die than speak or perform in front of a crowd. Each tournament competitor overcomes this fear through his or her participation.

That is what should be applauded here: growth, fun, and effort. The size of the trophy is just an added benefit to the most important reward here – the growth of each individual. This is a day to celebrate!

Afterwards, we got this great email from an Action Plymouth family:

“What an awesome experience! We had a great time at the karate tournament today. This was the first for us and it was a blast. Looking forward to continuing down this road and seeing where the it takes us! Again, I wanted to say what an amazing program you have.”

Become a part of our community and start overcoming your fears! View our class schedule and join us today.