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Students Excel During Black Belt Pre-Test

By November 25, 2014August 15th, 2023No Comments

Black Belt Pre-Test At Action Karate PlymouthBefore students at Action Karate Plymouth Meeting take their Black Belt test, we make sure they’re as prepared as possible with a Pre-Test!

The full test is a large public event where students test for their varying degrees of Black Belt along with dozens of other students from across the entire Action Karate Organization.

The Black Belt Pre-Test is run typically four weeks prior to the Full Black Belt Test. The Pre-Test is private and held exclusively at Action Karate Plymouth. This private pre-test is used to evaluate the readiness of each candidate and their likelihood of success at the full test.

The most recently Black Belt Pre-Test was held on Nov. 8 and students were tested on everything in their curriculum as well as performing an intense physical workout/test.

To the students who took part – thank you! We hope you feel more prepared for the full test.

To those just starting your journey – or are interested in karate for the first time – contact us today for more information!