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Being Aware Of The Wealth In Your Life

By December 9, 2014No Comments

Oil DerrickA recent Lesson Of The Week at Action Karate Plymouth Meeting centered around utilizing untapped resources.

Zig Ziglar shared the true story of a Texas landowner who was struggling to support his family. A drought and a recession pushed him to his wits end searching for solutions when he was approached by an oil company. They informed him that there might be oil on his land and offered to pay him royalties for permission to drill. With nothing to lose, the landowner agreed.

In those days, oil derricks were built of wood and when you hit a gusher, the force of it would destroy part of the oil derrick. Well, when this gusher came in it destroyed the entire derrick. The drilling was a success as the oil company discovered “Spindletop,” the most productive single oil well in history!

The landowner went from being a pauper to an instant multimillionaire—or did he? Actually the answer is “no.”

This man had been the owner of great riches for as long as he had owned the property! He simply wasn’t aware of it and therefore did nothing to capitalize on his potential riches!

How many of us may be in that same situation TODAY? How many of us have incredible ability and talent which simply has yet to be recognized and utilized?

Here’s a quick and simple strategy that may change your life:

Get acquainted with yourself. List your many strengths and assets. Ask friends, associates, and family for insight.

Begin today to develop and use those untapped strengths in your journey to success.

Seek out and create opportunities that require what you have to offer. The more you seek—the more you’ll find.

Who knows—maybe you’re sitting on your own “Spindletop.”

Drill, explore, discover … you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Who knows what may come to the surface?