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Passing The Black Belt Test: An Achievement To Last A Lifetime

By May 8, 2015August 15th, 2023No Comments

Black Belt Test - Action PlymouthHave you been wondering what happened to the Action Karate Plymouth Meeting students who completed our Black Belt Pre-Test last fall?

They were finally able to put their skills to the true test!

A few weeks ago, we hosted our bi-annual Black Belt Challenge at SMG SportsPlex in Warminster, PA. The Challenge was comprised of our official Black Belt Test and belt award ceremony.

One hundred forty-five students tested for Black Belt over the course of a five-hour period. It is always such an emotional and inspirational day to be a part of!

To see each person overcome their individual life challenges and persevere through the physical and mental rigors of our program gives our entire staff of instructors a sense of pride that they cannot explain in words. It is always such an incredible honor to be a part of each student’s individual life story!

Keeping in mind that only 1% of the general population ever achieves any rank of Black Belt, it is clear to see that these amazing students have truly achieved something great!

Earning your Black Belt is an indelible achievement. It’s not a trophy or ribbon to hang on a shelf. It is a mark of achievement in life; a symbol of a life-changing challenge you have overcome. It is always yours, and will not ever be taken away from you.

A Black Belt is not something you earn, it is something you become. And we are so very proud of each and every Action Plymouth student who reached this amazing milestone!

If you’re ready to change your life forever, consider enrolling in martial arts! Contact Action Karate Plymouth Meeting today to enroll in one of our classes!