It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

-Leonardo Da Vinci

Positive Attitude for SuccessWhat are the measurable differences between those who achieve consistent success and those who consistently fall short?

There is a simple, one-word answer to this question: Attitude.

Our team has established a bit of a mantra for our students to remember and repeat throughout class.

When an instructor asks, “What is Attitude?” the students reply in unison, “The way I CHOOSE to think!”

Here is a list of differences in Attitude or Approach to consider. Evaluate for yourself on which side you most often fall:

The Successful focus on solutions.
The Successful control their own destiny.
The Successful work HARD.
The Successful take responsibility.
The Successful find opportunity in crisis.
The Successful learn from past mistakes.
The Successful keep commitments.
The Successful live personal development.
The Successful face fears & proceed.
The Successful expand comfort zones.
The Successful take action.
The Successful live consistency.
The Successful are humble.
The Successful set goals.
The Successful do whatever is needed.
The Successful dream in the day.
The Successful are certain.
The Successful invest in assets.
The Successful help others with success.
The Successful spend time with winners.
The Successful think and lead.
The Successful give more than they take.

Those who fall short focus on problems.
Those who fall short leave it to fate.
Those who fall short avoid hard work.
Those who fall short blame others.
Those who fall short complain in crisis.
Those who fall short live in them.
Those who fall short break promises.
Those who fall short neglect it.
Those who fall short dwell in fear.
Those who fall short rarely leave it.
Those who fall short talk about action.
Those who fall short are scattered.
Those who fall short brag.
Those who fall short lack them.
Those who fall short stop for obstacles.
Those who fall short dream in the bed.
Those who fall short doubt.
Those who fall short spend foolishly.
Those who fall short act on selfishness.
Those who fall short do not.
Those who fall short follow the crowd.
Those who fall short always take.
Winners and losers are largely differentiated by their way of thinking.

If you aren’t seeing the results you want in life…you may need to reevaluate your way of thinking as well as your approach to obstacles and life challenges.

The good news is, at any moment, on any day, you can decide to change this for the better. All you need to get started is the courage to be 100% honest about your evaluation, and the will to take action and change!

Our students are constantly reminded that positive thinking will lead them to success in all things. And their continued growth is proof that this philosophy works!

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