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Why You Need A Goal Setting Guide In 2016

By January 13, 2016No Comments
Goal Setting Guide - Board Breaking at Action Plymouth

Whether your goal is to ace that big test or break your first board, a Goal Setting Guide can help get you there!

The new year is all about new beginnings. It’s the best time to reflect on the goals you would like to achieve, and to come up with the strategy that will help you achieve them.

At Action Karate Plymouth Meeting, we stand by this practice by asking each of our students and their families to hand in their annual Goal Setting Guide!

The purpose of these handy guides is to teach our families the importance of setting goals and, of even greater importance, creating a concrete system that will allow them to DEFINITELY achieve them.

There is a huge difference between setting the typical New Year’s Resolution, and setting a real goal. Most people have forgotten about their New Year’s Resolution by Valentine’s Day. The reason isn’t because they don’t want it enough, or that they aren’t smart enough, or hard working enough… The reason most people fall short on follow through is because a New Year’s Resolution is a WISH, not a goal!

A real goal is a well-defined, step-by-step plan to take yourself from the place you find yourself now, and get to where you’ve always wanted to be. Our Goal Setting Guide is the first step in that process.

Our lessons always extend beyond the classroom. At Action Karate Plymouth Meeting, our goal is to help improve the lives of our children and their families by providing them with the tools they need to succeed!

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