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Making Memories & Building Confidence At Our Annual Board Breaking Night

By June 17, 2016August 15th, 2023No Comments

June 2016 Board BreakingWhat an awesome turnout we had at our Buddy Board-Breaking event!

Students of Action Karate Plymouth Meeting invited friends, siblings, and parents to join in on this exciting day. Children and parents alike took turns creating one of those special memories that will last a lifetime: the day they broke their very first board.

In keeping with our annual tradition, participants wrote the date on one side of the board, and their biggest fear on the other. In this symbolic breakthrough, they were able to conquer their fears AND master an incredible feat!

Our Buddy Board-Breaking Night continues to empower participants and build confidence. Plus, it’s always cool to break boards with your bare hands.

Several highlights from the evening were captured on film. Take a look at this short clip and see just how much fun everyone had. Don’t forget to register for our next exciting theme night!


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