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How To Handle A Child Who Wants To Quit Karate

By July 21, 2016No Comments

Winners GraphicLast year, we’ve discussed some of the best ways to handle your child when they express a desire to quite karate lessons.

Many parents like to believe that their child will never be “one of those kids” who always wants to quit. Here’s a little secret: odds are they will!

A child’s mind is a wonderful thing. As it grows and develops, they slowly learn the importance of long-term commitments, keeping promises, and sticking with an activity in order to gain the full value of the experience.

Unfortunately, it takes some time before they adapt this mature outlook on life. Until then, they are very much focused on the here and now.

Your little one is really only concerned with the present. They don’t worry themselves with the future (unless it involves a sweet treat!) and can’t yet grasp the concept of a “big picture” when it comes to the endeavors they pursue. This is why so many students express a desire to quit at some point in their athletic or extracurricular activities.

If you’re caught up in a battle with your child over whether or not they should be permitted to karate, don’t give up! It’s important to remind your little one of the benefits of sticking to what they commit to.

Whining and complaining about wanting to quit is totally normal. However, allowing them to quit at the first sign of disinterest demonstrates to your child that it is okay to give up on something that you have committed yourself and your time to. This has the potential to hurt them later in life.

It’s up to us, as parents, to ensure that what our children do will always be what is best for them. Raising a child who understands persistence and commitment, even at that moment when they want to quit the most, will pay off tenfold in the end. Your child will surprise themselves by their perseverance, and may even exceed their own expectations. There isn’t much that feels better than excelling at something you thought you would fail at!

Help your child understand that fighting through difficult times and pushing through challenges is what will make them great! These are life lessons they’ll carry with them forever. Twenty years down the road, they’ll be thanking you for teaching them such a valuable trait so early in life.

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