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Start The New School Year Right With These Back To School Tips!

By September 2, 2016No Comments

Back To SchoolReady or not, here it comes: the start of a brand new school year!

Back to school time can be the most hectic, overwhelming part of any family’s year. Fresh off of a summer full of relaxation and a gleeful lack of structure, most families are thrust headlong into a regimen that is suddenly demanding and tightly organized.

This abrupt change, like jumping into the icy water at a polar plunge, can be a source of great anxiety and frustration for all involved. The team at Action Karate Plymouth is here to help!

We had several parents thank us for the back to school success tips that we provided last year. These 14 must-know tips include simple adjustments to your everyday routine, such as writing out a daily schedule, staying organized, and learning from the habits of fellow students.

It’s important that, above all else, you and your family maintain a positive, happy attitude as you transition into this new routine. After all, studies have proven that the key to better grades is happiness. Why not start the school year off on the right foot?

Encourage your children to make new friends, form a good relationship with their teachers, and keep a positive outlook on everything that they face.

Equally as important is the way that you compose yourself! Be sure you are setting the right example for your children. It’s imperative that developing children have good adult role models that they can look up to. If you’re happy and calm, your child will be happy and calm. It’s that simple!

Finally, be sure to give your child the chance to blow a little steam and get a healthy workout in. Most summer days are spent running up and down the street, or swimming for hours in the local pool. Now that your little one is spending their days sitting still at a desk, they need plenty of extracurricular activities to stay healthy and improve their ability to focus and learn. This is the perfect time to sign your son or daughter up for karate lessons at Action Karate Plymouth!

We look forward to seeing you at our next class. Best of luck with the first day of school!

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