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How Can Exercise Reduce Stress?

By May 10, 2017August 14th, 2023No Comments

We all know that exercise is good for our bodies. But did you know that it’s also good for your mind?

That’s right! Recent studies out of Princeton University have shown that regular exercise could help significantly reduce stress levels and anxiety.

When we feel stressed or anxious, this is actually our brain kicking into a “fight or flight” mentality. It needs to react to your environment and what you are experiencing at the time. Regular exercise trains the brain to resist that “fight or flight” response when you’re faced with daily stressors.

Watch as Anthony Carbony from D News explains this phenomenon and the benefits of
exercise on your mental health: 


Our “fight or flight” response is hard-wired in our brains. It was developed ages ago, when we were faced with dangerous predators and needed to formulate an immediate plan for survival. When faced with a life-threatening situation, our bodies would pump chemicals into our brain which would trigger anxiety, helping us to make a flash decision whether to fight or to flee.

As it turns out, the more you exercise, the less anxiety-inducing chemicals are required to pump through your brain. This is because your system already knows that it’s in shape to deal with whatever danger may present itself – whether it’s the life threatening dangers of our ancestors, or the imagined “dangers” brought on by the stressful lives we lead today in the modern world.

The difference is so great that many people who exercise regularly are completely unfazed by stimuli that trigger stress and anxiety for inactive people!

Isn’t it great to know that something as simple as exercise could be more beneficial to your mental health than any type of medication? Be sure to work that quick half-hour into your daily schedule and get that heart rate going. Your brain will be glad you did!

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