Karate Halloween PartyOver the years, Action Karate Plymouth have strived to set ourselves apart from other everyday martial arts schools or exercise programs. One of our favorite ways to do this is by taking steps to make sure our karate school is more than just a place to learn kicks and punches, but a place to grow into a real community.

Just like the classic television show “Cheers” (albeit with a slightly different ambience,) we want Action Karate Plymouth to be a place where everybody knows your name…and your spouse’s name…and your children’s names…and your pets’ names…you get the idea.

Aside from our regular schedule of exciting and dynamic martial arts classes, every month we run a series of extracurricular events that are designed to help all of our students become friends in and out of class. One such event was our annual Karate Halloween Party, which we held last week.

Take a look through the adorable photos of the amazing children and families who attended below. As they smiled and played games with one another, under the watchful eye out our instructors, these families are building friendship bonds that will connect our students on a deeper level and further motivate them to strive towards their goals.

More times than I can count over the past 17 years, families walk through our doors and form close friendships that remain long after they’ve completed their final martial arts class. This is by far one of our greatest accomplishments. Of course, we spend plenty of time focusing on present day goals, but we feel that the most important thing to consider is the impact of an affective life on the future, and the benefits of building friendships and growing closer to family along the way.

We’d love for you to join our martial arts school and become a part of our extended family and lifelong legacy. Click here to start your martial arts journey and book your first lesson at Action Karate Plymouth today!

Action Karate Halloween Party Photos
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Sean Dwyer is the owner of Action Karate Plymouth.