Around this time of year, we inevitably hear from one or two families asking to “take a break” for the summer. They’re too busy with summer camp, planning a big vacation, filling their schedule with too many pool parties…the excuses just keep on coming.

Take it from someone who has handled these phone calls for 24 years: taking a break during the summer is the WORST THING YOU CAN DO!

Sure, you may think it makes sense to take advantage of a few months’ break to “slow down,” but here’s what ultimately ends up happening. Come September 1st, those families who have taken 10-12 weeks off will be on the phone with us again, saying, “Sensei Michael, we’re really busy with Back To School, but come October when ‘things settle down’ we’ll be right back at Action Karate Plymouth!”

Then October rolls around, and with it another message pushing the student’s return back to “after the holidays.” Followed by another request to delay their return until Spring. Before you know it, an entire year has passed, with no sign of this “break” ever ending.

Here’s one thing that I know for sure: the families who plan to stay active over summer break and continue to train in our dojo for the next three months, will be the families who actually make it through the next several years. If you can’t stay consistent with a commitment now, even when things are a bit challenging, there’s no way you’ll be able to remain committed in the future!

This is why 99% of Action Karate Plymouth families choose to keep training during their summer breaks. There’s a reason why we’re always adding classes in the summer, and not taking them away! We’re here to help our families stay on track, so give us a call and let us know how we can help you stay active during summer break!

Contact Action Karate Plymouth today to discuss summer karate classes for your entire family.

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Sean Dwyer is the owner of Action Karate Plymouth.