Transformation Tuesday This week’s Transformation Tuesday focuses on Miss Adriene Byerly’s motivational fitness journey!

She spent the last year working towards her fitness goals, approaching diet and exercise in a healthy, sustainable way. On top of that, she’s been adding amazing energy to the Action Karate Plymouth martial arts classes for adults! 

Making major, long-lasting changes to your body and life isn’t an abstract concept meant for fitness models or magazines. Right here in our community is a fitness mentor and single mother who can help inspire and guide your path towards a better, healthier future for yourself and your family!

Come out and meet Adriene along with all the GREAT members of the Action Karate Plymouth school community!

Let today be the day you take your first step on the path towards the version of YOU you’ve always wanted to be! Fill your mind, heart, and life in ways you might have never considered possible. We can’t wait to meet you!

It never gets easier, you just get stronger. You can if you will. The best project you’ll ever work on, is you…

Ready to take that first step? Contact Action Karate Plymouth today to begin your fitness journey.

Transformation Tuesday Photos 
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Sean Dwyer is the owner of Action Karate Plymouth.