Frequently Asked Questions

Please review these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from the Action Karate Plymouth instructors:

What Are Your Attendance Policies?

Twice each week is perfect attendance. However, classes are always unlimited. If your child would like to train more often, and you are able to bring them, go for it! If you are going to miss a week of classes, be sure to call your instructor just so we’re not worried about you and so we can make up those missed lessons.

Are There Any Required Uniforms Or Patches

Everyone in our Basic Training Course wears a traditional black gi (uniform) most of the year. The white Asah Shark patch should go over your child’s heart on the left side.

Students who are part of our Black Belt Leadership Training wear a red gi top. The Black Belt Leadership patch goes over the heart on this uniform.

In the summer, students may wear Action Karate shorts and t-shirts. These are available in April each year.

Stripes & Belts – What Do They Mean?

If your child trains consistently (twice each week) and knows the required material, they should earn a stripe each month and a new belt every three months.

As your child advances higher and higher, the requirements for each belt change. Your child is consistently challenged the right way. If class is too hard in the beginning, your child will become discouraged.

At the same time, if it’s too easy, your child will become bored and lose interest. By modifying what is expected at each different level of training, your child’s road to Black Belt will be a successful one.

Before your child can earn her next belt, she must fill out Intent to Promote form. These forms can be found at

Their teacher in school fills out the top section and you fill out the bottom portion. This is turned in before she earns her new belt.


  • Black Belt Leadership Students wear colored belts with a black stripe in the middle. This is to remind these students every time that they come to class, and see themselves in the mirror, that their goal is Black Belt. It is also to announce to the world that they are training not just for their next stripe or belt, but for their Black Belt.

When & Where Should Students Bow?

Bowing is a sign of respect and courtesy. Parents and their children should bow whenever the walk into Action Karate (at the front door) and each time they leave.

Anyone entering the training area should bow before they walk onto the mat and before they leave the mat. This is because bowing is also a way to leave all of the day’s challenges and baggage behind you in order to get your mind ready for a life changing experience.

You bow again on your way out because you still need to overcome your challenges; but now you are better equipped to deal with them.

What Are STAR Projects?

STAR Projects are designed to teach family values and responsibility. The projects vary from assignments that are community-service orientated to projects that involve spending time with the family. Projects are due back on Stripe Week (check monthly calendar).

Your child earns a red star for their uniform for completing the project. The red star goes on the right pant leg, starting at the knee, working their way up. Special Events, Tournament, and Black Belt Spectacular Special Events here at Action are designed to build camaraderie among the students in class and to develop lifelong friendships. Typically there is a special event each month—these include Buddy Nights, Parent’s Night Outs, Special Weapons Training and Child Safety Classes.

Participate as much as you can. Besides building camaraderie, it helps children work on social skills.

The Action Tournament is one of the most exciting events here at Action. It only happens twice a year—in April and October. The goal of the tournament is to help children and adults with confidence and public speaking as well as healthy competition. This is something that is too cool and important to miss.

Last but not least, twice a year we host our Black Belt Testing/Spectacular. This is when students from all of the Action Karate schools come together to earn their black belts. What’s so cool about this event is that it gives your child a chance to see what they are working towards.

How Can I Get Involved As A Parent?

Parents are always encouraged to stay and watch classes. This will allow you to better help your child practice at home, and reinforce the life skills that are taught each week.

Families that kick together, stick together. Parents receive a free month of classes in our Adult Class. One of the best parts of that class is that it is all the moms and dads. So the same people you watch class with are the ones that you’ll train with.

Also, it gives you something really special to share with your child. See your instructor to schedule your first class.

Can We Bring A Buddy?

Martial Arts have been around for thousands of years. For centuries, the way it spread was one person just teaching the next person. If your child ever has a friend, cousin, or next-door neighbor that wants to try class, bring them!

Friends are always welcome to try it out; either ask for a guest pass or just bring them along. Also, friends that come to class become great options for carpooling.

How Do You Send Info On Special Events Or Notifications?

Anytime there is a special event, anytime we’re closed for anything, or anytime we have some valuable information to share, we always e-mail it out. So keep an eye on your inbox. After your first few weeks here, if you’re not receiving our e-mails let your instructor know so we can update your address.

And if you are a tech-savvy parent, be sure to friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’re always posting good stuff and it gives you a chance to meet some of our other Action families!

Got More Questions?

The team at Action Karate Plymouth is here to answer them!