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Alaina Morton

Alaina started Action Karate almost 2 years ago, and as parents coming into a new community and school district we wanted our daughter to develop and advance her social and confidence skills within herself and outside the home.

When I was growing up, we were told to hold everything in and could not express our true feelings. I wanted to break that cycle with my daughter and teach her it’s a good thing to have your own opinion in any circumstance.

As parents, we have continued and always will continue to show and teach our daughter to become more, Ambitious, committed, positive, creative, determine, how to be a great leader, confidence and to concentrate in our home as well as in school but with the help of our Action Karate Family in this short time frame, Alaina has shown us advancement in all these qualities and more.

She recently had her 2nd grade musical and had a solo piece in the song and a parent came up to me and told me how confident my daughter looked standing up there and singing loud so everyone can hear her.

We know as she continues she will become stronger and stronger both physically and mentally and one day she will be a karate instructor like she wants to do and help other kids achieve the same goals.

She has made us proud and we know she will continue to grow in your program and beyond.

– Kelly Morton

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