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Alexander K.

Our goal in bringing Alexander to Action Karate Plymouth? Help him set and achieve goals.

Since August 2016, Alexander has been doing exactly that. He came in wanting to try a new activity and make some friends in the community, but soon found that he could achieve much more at karate class.

His achievements have been physical and emotional. His strength, balance, and awareness have all improved, and he has a good understanding of how to defend himself and others.

More importantly, he has become incredibly disciplined. It used to take a little convincing to get him ready for class; nowadays, he gets us out the door!

We’re seeing the impact of these changes at home, too. Alexander is more respectful and definitely listens more closely. He’ll only continue to mature as he moves beyond his purple belt — though we’re so proud that he’s come that far in less than a year!

To parents considering karate for their children: we’re proof that positive changes will happen. It’s important to remember that your children won’t meet their goals right away, but that’s okay! Have them come to class as much as possible and don’t let them give up — you’ll see results, we promise.

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