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Ava S.

We enrolled Ava in karate lessons at Action Karate Plymouth about a year ago. Initially, it was to help her build self-confidence and find an exciting way to get some exercise. We have been blown away by her achievements over the past year!

Not only has Ava gained the confidence we hoped she would, but she has also displayed a dedication to karate which she has never shown in any other extracurricular activity.

She is much more willing to try new things, and has even committed to the three year program offered by Action Karate Plymouth!

Whereas in the past, Ava had a tendency to quit when things get tough, she had finally found something she’s excited to work hard at. When challenging times have arisen, she has pushed through them. We’re very pleased with the growth our daughter has experienced this year.

If we had to offer one piece of advice to new karate parents, it would be to be patient. The program works (and we are proof of that) but it may take some time. Your child may ebb and flow in their engagement, but if they stick with it, the continued rewards of stripes and belts will lead them to keep pushing for better and better results.


Ava S

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