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Bobbi Thomas

How Martial Arts Training at Action Karate Has Changed My Life

Student Bobbi Thomas wrote this first-person account of her training experience at Action Karate Plymouth:

The training I have received is invaluable and something that I will never be able to thank Master Dwyer and the other students at Action Karate enough or repay them for.

Martial Arts training, in particular through Action Karate, has had an immense positive influence on me personally, and on my family. Training has been physical, mental, and spiritual and has spilled over into all aspects of my life. I feel it is an honor and a privilege to be invited to test for a black belt.

Physically I am stronger and more fit than I was before I started training. I am more conscious of better choices both in exercise and nutrition. I have learned how to push myself physically and what it takes to become stronger. I’ve also come to better appreciate the importance of setting a good example in exercise and nutrition for my children.

I understand better how making small improvements over time come together slowly to empower a transformation. I have experienced this in my physical training (endurance and strength training) as well as in my self-defense training (form and technique in kicking, punching, blocking) and also in my attitude (show up, have integrity, be accountable, serve as a good, reachable role model by gaining self-confidence and appreciating what I have to offer).

Bobbi trained at Action Karate Plymouth.

I strive to keep my focus positive and to work on constant and continuous improvement in karate, in my personal life, and in my career. I have learned how to set well-defined goals so I have a clear understanding of what I am striving for. I have also learned to set goals that I am passionate about, otherwise they aren’t really MY goals. Once a goal is set, I’ve learned that change begets change. For example, a person cannot change the way their body looks or their attitude without embracing permanent lifestyle changes.

I have learned that we achieve great things in life not on our own, but through the inspiration and care of and for each other. The whole does not equal the sum of the parts, it can be much greater. Being constantly surrounded with positive influences encourages one to embrace these influences, take them in, and make them their own. This is especially powerful when a person is thirsty for this type of influence and may want to make changes but just isn’t sure how or needs encouragement.

I have worked hard and taken my training seriously and it this together with the leadership and friendships I have been blessed with at Action Karate has enabled my personal growth. I am blessed and thankful to be part of the Action Karate family and to have the support of my mentors, family, and friends.

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