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Brinda Murphy

My Black Belt Journey

Student Brinda Murphy wrote this first-person account of her training experience at Action Karate:

I never intended to do karate, but here I am getting ready to test for my first degree black belt. I had signed my two boys up to do karate several years ago, and was asking around to the other parents if anyone belonged to a local gym that they liked.

Of course Mr. Dwyer overheard my question and casually mentioned that if we were already paying for two members of the family, that the rest could go for free.

…insert screeching record sound…

I could get a black belt for free?!?!?! Well, why the heck not?

What initially pulled me in was the commitment to the belts and not wanting to lag behind the other adults. What kept me there was the interesting self defense techniques, the great workouts, the comradery between the adults in our group, and most of all the little life-lessons that followed each class. I often find myself using those life lessons with my family and my career.

I am incredibly grateful for all the amazing instructors at Action Karate Plymouth Meeting (especially the charismatic Mr. Dwyer), and the many friends I’ve made there, whom it has been an honor to learn alongside.

I cannot wait to earn my black belt and I will wear it with great pride.

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