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Ella W.

At Action Karate Plymouth Meeting, we teach more than just martial arts. We teach the importance of self-discipline, respect, and above all, a positive attitude!

Ella’s parents had hoped they had found a dojo that would teach these key life lessons to their daughter when they enrolled her in her very first karate class. They wanted Ella to understand what it means to truly commit to something, and to set and accomplish goals.

Ella and her parents were in for quite a pleasant surprise! Not only did she begin to grow stronger physically (you should see how many push-ups she can do!), but she has truly grown emotionally as well. She understands the value of getting along with others and respecting instructors.

She even set goals to earn new belts and break a board. We’re pleased to share that she has met and exceeded both of these goals. Recently, she even began participating in tournaments!

When asked to share some advice with new karate parents, Ella’s mom and dad had one very important thing to say: Stick with it! Don’t let a “bad morning” or a “bad day” interfere with your child’s attendance. Even if your child expresses fear about the upcoming lesson, it is important to guide them towards an attitude of commitment and dedication. Help them to stick to their routine, and they will achieve so much more than you ever imagined.

We’re so excited to work with Ella as she continues to grow and improve!

Student Stories - Ella W

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