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Michael K.

At only 9 years old, Michael has already achieved so much during his time at Action Karate Plymouth Meeting.

Michael’s parents enrolled their son in karate lessons in September, 2012. Originally, they felt that he would benefit from the structure and discipline of karate class. As a young boy starting his first years in grade school, we agreed that the lessons Michael could learn from our instructors could help him get far in more areas than just his athleticism.

His parents were right! Michael was so dedicated to his lessons that he shocked even his mom and dad when he won a second place trophy and a medal in his very first karate tournament. He has continued to excel ever since.

In just three short years, Michael has earned his Brown/Black belt, and continues to push himself to improve in the hopes of earning his Black Belt soon. His parents have noticed an immense improvement on his agility and coordination, which they are thrilled about.

The biggest change they have noticed in their son is his poise, composure, and confidence. Michael has established himself as a leader in each karate class he takes, and this attitude carries over to other facets of his life. He no longer fears speaking or performing in front of large groups.

Michael’s parents have a word of advice that they would like to pass on to new karate parents. “Be involved and practice with your child at home as much as you can. It’s fun and it gives you a real appreciation for how intricate some of the moves are!”

Karate Belt - Michael K

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