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Zoe L.

Although she has taken karate since she was three years old, Zoe’s parents knew that she would never reach her full potential at a large, activity-based gym.

By the time Zoe was six, she was ready to move on to a serious karate school that was more challenging and “real.”

Her parents understood the importance of continuing their daughter’s study of karate, not only because of the skills and knowledge she would obtain, but because of the invaluable lessons in self defense she would learn.

Moving Zoe to classes at Action Karate Plymouth Meeting was a challenge at first. Zoe was shy, and not comfortable trying new things. During her first few months of class, she battled with feelings of fear, and even ran off the mat in tears a time or two.

Eventually, Zoe’s parents began noticing a difference in their daughter. Her stamina began to improve greatly, and she developed a remarkable sense of balance.

However, the changes were not only physical. Zoe’s confidence skyrocketed as she became more and more sure of herself. Today, you’ll find Zoe among the first to volunteer to lead katas in class!

Zoe began assuming more and more leadership roles in school and peer groups, and is even more willing to try new things. Her parents describe her as more “self-possessed”, and have noticed that she walks a little taller after class than she did before her time at Action Karate Plymouth Meeting.

With a little patience and a lot of perseverance, Zoe has finally found herself and unlocked her true potential. Her parents and teachers alike cannot wait to watch her continue to grow in her studies and build up her confidence!

Student Stories - Zoe L

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