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Running Club - can exercise reduce stress

How Can Exercise Reduce Stress?

Exercise is good for your body...AND your brain!

Black Belt Test - Action Plymouth - Karate Goals

What Are Our Three Biggest Karate Goals?

The Action Invitational Karate Tournament is right around the corner. Are you approaching it with the right mindset?

Ninja Warrior Day Camp

These Action Kids Dominated Their Ninja Warrior Training!

This Presidents Day Camp turned out to be an epic day!

Karate Belt - Michael K

A Teacher’s Heartwarming Karate Belt Recommendation

We are as impressed by Michael's growth and maturity as his teacher was!

Healthy Thanksgiving

Why It’s Important To Strive For A Healthy Thanksgiving

Trust us, you'll be glad you did in the long run!

Nerf Gun Party

The Biggest Nerf Gun Buddy Night In More Than 10 Years!

We had a blast at our latest Buddy Night (and are thrilled by all of the new students who have joined our dojo!)

Halloween Safety Tips

10 Halloween Safety Tips You Should Know ASAP

We're also throwing an awesome Halloween party at our studio! Click to learn more.

Back To School

Start The New School Year Right With These Back To School Tips!

These tips should make the first days of class a breeze, and the rest of the year a successful one!

Olympic Karate

Olympic Karate Is BACK In 2020!

We're counting down the days until the next Olympic games!

How To Handle A Child Who Wants To Quit Karate

Your children aren't quitters...they're just kids!