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2016 4th of July parade

Showing Pride At The Whitemarsh Township 4th Of July Parade

Even our beloved mascot - Asah the Shark - joined in on the fun!

How To Succeed In Martial Arts - Tournament

Three Feet From Gold: How To Succeed In Martial Arts

Here's a hint: it takes way more than a studious mind, a strong body, or a quick step!

June 2016 Board Breaking

Making Memories & Building Confidence At Our Annual Board Breaking Night

Check out this awesome video capturing footage from the unforgettable night!

Minecraft Party Buddy Night

Transforming Buddy Night Into An Action-Packed Minecraft Party!

Students and their friends transformed our studio into a scene straight out of the beloved video game

Overcoming Adversity - Black Belt Test

Overcoming Adversity: A Lesson From Lobster

Our students can learn quite a bit from this astonishing creature!

Goal Setting Guide - Board Breaking at Action Plymouth

Why You Need A Goal Setting Guide In 2016

You'll be amazed at what you can achieve by getting your goals in writing!

Action Plymouth Demo Team - AK Invitational Winter Tournament - karate goals

A Great Performance At The AK Invitational Winter Tournament

Our Demo Team did a phenomenal job! Check out this video of their performance.

attitude of gratitude

How An Attitude Of Gratitude Can Set You Down The Path Toward Success

All it takes is a shift in your thinking to turn success into a habit!

action karate student joe gatsy 1

Former Action Karate Student Joe Getsy Is Changing The World, One Genome At A Time!

Take a look at the impressive work Joe has done, for himself and the entire medical community!

Goals - path to success

The Path To Success May Be Long, But It’s Worth It!

No one ever said it would be easy, but in the end you'll be glad you fought for your dreams!