Black Belt Leadership

Road Map to Black Belt Leadership

Action Karate is a black belt school. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone to earn their black belt.

This amazing journey has been helping families for almost two decades. If you have any questions, or any concerns, always see an instructor. Good luck and we’ll see you in class! ASAH!

Invitation to Black Belt Leadership Course

Black Belt Leadership Testing

A recent Action Karate Black Belt test.

When your child is in his/her classroom, they are with 20+ other kids, and one of those kids is the leader. In the school cafeteria, there might be 70 other kids, and one of those is the leader. In every situation—baseball, the school bus, at the playground—the same is true.

The goal of the Black Belt Leadership Program is to make sure either your child IS the leader or is at least confident enough to stand up to that person when faced with a difficult decision.

The Black Belt Leadership Program is also designed to get your child to Black Belt. To qualify for this course, your child must:

  • Train at least twice a week
  • Lead Student Creed #1 for the class
  • Demonstrate the perseverance and dedication required to be a Black Belt.

Your instructor will invite you to Black Belt Leadership Course when your child fulfills the above requirements. If you feel your child is ready for the BBLC, see your instructor.

Your Child’s Journey to Black Belt and Beyond

Action Karate successful black belt student.Phase 1 — Month 1 through Month 9

The goal of the first phase of your child’s training is to help your child learn how to become a good student—a confident, disciplined, and focused student.

Because of that, the breakdown in this class is 80% mental and 20% physical. The goal of all of our instructors is that your child first develops the confidence and focus necessary to be a great black belt.

Phase 2 — Month 10 through Month 18

Starting at month 10, your child begins Phase 2. You’ll see the focus shifts to 50% mental and 50% physical.

After 9 months of training, you child is more confident and is more disciplined. Now our instructors can really start fine tuning their technique and become more focused on the details.

A recent Action Karate Black Belt Leadership TestPhase 3 — Months 19 through Month 36

As Phase 3 begins, the focus shifts again—now becoming 20% mental and 80% physical.

After a year and a half, your child has proven that he has the skills of a leader. Our instructors are still developing that focus and confidence, but now can make sure your child is ready for their Black Belt Test and the Black Belt Class.

Phase 4 — Black Belt and Beyond

Most people think that black belt is the end. In reality, if you ask any black belt, they’ll tell you black belt is only the beginning.

In this new chapter in your child’s training, they get to start working towards their 1st Degree Adult Black Belt.

Besides a new and more dynamic curriculum, this is where your child will learn to make Black Belt a lifestyle. Everywhere they go, they’ll have the foundation of confidence, respect, and determination – the qualities that in any level of school or any profession are required for success.

Eventually, when speaking with a college admissions officer or a recruiter for a job, they’ll be able to say that they’ve shown dedication in the past through training at Action Karate Plymouth.