H.I.I.T. Training

Join us at Action Karate Plymouth Meeting for our next High Intensity Interval Training sessions!

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) is a great chance to amp up your training and take yourself to another level. Instructors will work on a variety of physical skill sets as part of the most fun workout you’ll ever do!

The weekly curriculum spans agility training, core development & striking power, dynamic kicking, MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, and much more!

H.I.I.T. is a six week program for adult and junior black belts only. H.I.I.T. students will be able to promote at an accelerated rate and by the end of the program will have completed an entire extra cycle of curriculum.

That’s right – you can get one step closer to your Black Belt goal. 

H.I.I.T. class will meet Friday evenings @ 7:00pm for 90 minutes. The six week course is $299.

Class starts Sept 7!

Here are a couple of great articles on the benefits of H.I.I.T: Builtlean.com & Askmen.com.

See our flyer below:

Karate at Action Karate Plymouth Meeting

Ready to enroll?

Only limited space remains, so contact your teacher at Action Karate Plymouth ASAP!