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inspirational black belt journey

Following An Inspirational Black Belt Journey

Our first Woman Crush Wednesday goes to Jessalynn Walsh, one of our former students and an inspiration to all!

Your Gratitude List

What’s On Your Gratitude List?

While we can sometimes focus on the things that aren't going right in our life, there's a lot to be thankful for. What's on your gratitude list?

Karate Halloween Party

Tricks & Treats At Our Annual Karate Halloween Party

At Action Karate Plymouth, we're about so much more than teaching kicks & punches.

Black Belt Test - Action Plymouth - Karate Goals

What Are Our Three Biggest Karate Goals?

The Action Invitational Karate Tournament is right around the corner. Are you approaching it with the right mindset?

How To Handle A Child Who Wants To Quit Karate

Your children aren't quitters...they're just kids!

How To Succeed In Martial Arts - Tournament

Three Feet From Gold: How To Succeed In Martial Arts

Here's a hint: it takes way more than a studious mind, a strong body, or a quick step!

Overcoming Adversity - Black Belt Test

Overcoming Adversity: A Lesson From Lobster

Our students can learn quite a bit from this astonishing creature!

attitude of gratitude

How An Attitude Of Gratitude Can Set You Down The Path Toward Success

All it takes is a shift in your thinking to turn success into a habit!

Harvard Happiness Study

A Reason To Smile: Happiness Means Better Grades!

Harvard University's most recent study sheds light on ways you can help improve your child's attitude AND their grades!