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Karate Halloween Party

Tricks & Treats At Our Annual Karate Halloween Party

At Action Karate Plymouth, we're about so much more than teaching kicks & punches.

Self Defense Class

Women Learn To Protect Themselves & Their Family At This Self Defense Class

We plan on hosting this lifesaving session twice a year. This is one class you won't want to miss!

Black Belt Test - Action Plymouth - Karate Goals

What Are Our Three Biggest Karate Goals?

The Action Invitational Karate Tournament is right around the corner. Are you approaching it with the right mindset?

Ninja Warrior Day Camp

These Action Kids Dominated Their Ninja Warrior Training!

This Presidents Day Camp turned out to be an epic day!

Nerf Gun Party

The Biggest Nerf Gun Buddy Night In More Than 10 Years!

We had a blast at our latest Buddy Night (and are thrilled by all of the new students who have joined our dojo!)